Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge



A few weeks ago Skyler and I were dying to go on a little day trip.

We had just purchased a Toyota 4Runner, so we wanted to do something a little outdoorsy and bring our dog Kahlúa too. Skyler told me about a couple he knew that took some engagement photos up in the Wichita Mountains in southwestern Oklahoma. After showing me some photos, I decided we should go. From our city it was only about a three hour drive to get there.

Even though it was January, it was a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for a little roadtrip. As we neared the wildlife refuge we could see the little mountains rising up over the skyline. There were no fences so signs were scattered here and there warning to keep distance from the longhorn and bison that roam the area.

We drove around the refuge until we found the trailhead for Kite Trail, one of the few trails in the refuge that allows dogs. We hiked until we came to a huge opening in the river, then decided we should head back. We explored the rest of the area for the remainder of the afternoon, driving around and just taking in the scenery. We drove through Medicine Park, Oklahoma and freaked out over how cute it was. The small town was located on Medicine Creek and even had an adorable single lane bridge to drive over to get to each side of town. We would have stopped here to eat but didn’t know of any place that would allow dogs. We finally decided to head back home.

If you’re interested in visiting the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, I would recommend going in the springtime. I can only imagine how gorgeous the open fields are when the flowers start to bloom. For more information on the Wichita Mountains, you can visit their website here.


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