Bohemian Backyard Reception

Last fall I tagged along with Skyler to photograph a beautiful backyard reception. The bride and groom had eloped in the mountains of Colorado in a small ceremony surrounded only by their close loved ones. They held a reception back home in Texas for all their friends and family to attend. It was one of the first larger events that I photographed with Skyler (I usually just assisted with family photos and portraits). Even though I was pretty nervous at first I had a blast and learned so much. It was the first major step towards feeling comfortable in that type of work environment.

Now, Skyler and I have figured out a system that works best for us. He deals more with the people, getting group photos, and I shoot the small details. Details and objects are my favorite things to photograph, so I think this system works well with us. He also does the editing and I manage and market our business.

Below I’ve posted just a few of my favorite shots of this gorgeous reception. If you’re interested in seeing more photos of this event, or view other work my husband and I have done, you can visit our website here.

Interested in renting the VW Photobooth? Access their website here.

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