Review: Yes To Coconut Facial Moisturizer

Hey everyone!

So I’ve recently been venturing out and trying new skincare products. I’ve never had too many issues with my skin, but the past few weeks my skin just hasn’t been feeling as good as it usually does. I’ve also been getting some small bumps around my chin area, which was an issue I had a few years ago that I thought I had resolved. I’m prone to dry skin as well and with it being winter, my skin can seriously use some moisture. I used up all my regular moisturizer and decided to try something new. 

I went shopping for some new moisturizer and picked up the Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Facial Soufflé Moisturizer from Target.


I have tried several other products from the Yes To brand, including some sheet masks and an exfoliating scrub, so I already liked several of their products and was familiar with their brand.

This moisturizer retails for $14.99 at Target, which is on par with other drugstore moisturizers. It is paraben-free and you get 50 mL of product as well. I used this product after cleansing and toning my face. My only gripe with it is that the label says it’s a “super light, whipped texture”, but in my opinion it is more of a thicker cream. Not too thick, but definitely not whipped. Still, it’s very easy to work with, thinner than other moisturizers I’ve used, and melts into your skin pretty seamlessly. It doesn’t leave my skin looking or feeling greasy, and I have no issues applying primer and foundation on top of it either.


The moisturizer has a distinct coconut scent, so if you don’t like fragrance or coconut scents, I would definitely not purchase this product. My husband actually commented on how my face smelt nice, so it’s a pretty potent scent that takes a while to fade. I personally don’t mind the smell too much, but can see how it may bother someone more sensitive to fragrances.


So far I’m enjoying this product, but I honestly don’t know if it’s providing all the moisture I need. I don’t overly wash my face, and I use it at least twice a day, but I’m still feeling as though the product is just too thick for the type of moisturizers I usually use. I may start using it as a deep, nightly moisturizer and switch to something light and thin for daytime use.

Overall, it’s definitely not a bad product. It has lightweight packaging, would be easy to travel with, and it’s affordable compared to many moisturizers on the market. I also love that it’s in a tube and not a pump, because you can actually use all the product in the container. It’s also cruelty-free, which is a huge factor for me when purchasing beauty products. However, while it is moisturizing, I’m just not sure if it’s the right fit for my dry, sensitive skin. I’m going to continue to use it for the rest of the month, and if I don’t see any improvement, I’ll be trying something new.

If you’re interested in purchasing this product, you can find it here.

What types of skincare products are you guys using? Have you find a ride or die moisturizer that no others compare to? Let me know in the comments below!♡

7 thoughts on “Review: Yes To Coconut Facial Moisturizer

  1. I love the yes to coconut line! My skin has become slightly more oily than usual so I feel like this would be an awesome night time moisturizer 😍 thanks for sharing love! 💕

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