Why I Cut My Hair

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard women say that they would love to cut all their hair off, but their boyfriend/husband/father/etc doesn’t like short hair on girls.

Umm, what?

A man does not get the final say in your physical appearance. If you want to chop that hair off, do it! Conversely, if you want to grow it out do that too!

I’ve had long hair for most of my life. There were a few times that I cut it pretty short, though never as short as it is now. A few weeks after cutting it would be the inevitable sigh, followed by the decision to grow it out again. Looking back, I can tell these choices were mostly influenced by my peers at school. Every girl had long hair, every boy liked girls with long hair.

I would wake up 30 minutes before I really needed to in order to wash, blowdry, and style my hair before school. I’ll never understand why I even bothered with all the trouble, because I was in sports, so it was going to get sweaty and mussed up regardless.

I cut it short(er) after my first semester of college, which was one of the most difficult times in my life. College is hard, y’all.

Yet, of course, I grew it back out.

This is my hair in August 2016.

Engaged girl with long brunette hair smiles and shows off ring
My hair circa 2016, AKA the biggest pain in my ass on this windy trip around Colorado and New Mexico.

I’ve always had insanely thick hair. It’s a blessing and a curse. Sure, I won’t ever have to worry about going bald, but dealing with the heat and humidity of Texas summers was a living nightmare. Straightening my hair took approximately 36 hours (not really, but it sure felt like it), and it was prone to split ends and dryness. I was constantly looking for miracle hair products to restore moisture into my brittle hair.

I tried to do everything right. I stopped using heat products on it, let it air dry, would only wash it twice a week, applied leave-in conditioner, hair masks, the works. Finally, I was at the point of despising my hair, and it would end up tossed up on top of my head in a top knot.

I started cutting my hair slowly.

One day, it was just a trim. That felt good. Oh my god it felt great.

Woman in raincoat and beanie smiles in the snow
When it snows in North Texas, you have to take a selfie.

I waited a day then I cut it a little more.

And each time I cut it I felt better, lighter, happier.


My friends would see me and comment on how I just kept going shorter. It made me happy because they were right. I needed to go shorter.

Finally, I made it.


I can’t even describe how much my life changed after cutting my hair off. I know that sounds dramatic (it’s just hair right?), but I just feel like everything became so much easier.

I could get extra sleep because I wasn’t struggling with my hair. I could roll out of bed, run a comb through it, and it looked great.

Driving with the windows down used to be the most frustrating and annoying thing. I could do that now and actually enjoy the wind on my face.

Swimming was easier, no more hair getting in my face.

I feel so much more feminine now. I feel like this is who I was meant to be. I feel prettier when I wear sundresses, and I feel like my makeup stands out more. I think I look better in hats, which makes me so happy because I absolutely love hats. I just feel more feminine and more free now.

I’ve gotten so many compliments on my hair since I cut it, and I’ve never really received comments on my hair before. Women have told me how beautiful it looks and to not grow it out (trust me, I’m not planning on it!), and commented on how nice it must be in the summer.

Now, it probably sounds like I’m bragging on myself right now, but those aren’t my intentions. My intentions of writing this post are to give this advice: do what makes you happy. If I had listened to most of the people in my life, I’d still have long, dull hair that pissed me off all the time. Instead, now I feel good about myself and my appearance every day.

I want more people to follow their hearts when it comes to making decisions. Huge decisions, small decisions, whatever deep yearning you feel for a change, or a trip, or something less concrete that just won’t go away. Don’t let your decisions be affected by other people. As long as your intentions are good, there’s no reason to delay your own happiness because of someone else’s opinion.

So enroll in that class, book the flight, ask that person out for a coffee, or cut your hair. If you don’t like it, it always grows back♡

Have you ever done something considered drastic by other people? Maybe something that seems trivial but actually had a considerable impact on your mental being or outlook? I want to hear about it in the comments below 🙂

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