Review: Neutrogena’s Hydrogel Masks

Face masks are one of my absolute favorite ways to rejuvenate my skin and relax after a long day. I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting face masks because it’s such a fun process and makes me feel so pampered. Anything that promises hydration and radiance has me sold. So, when I saw these super inexpensive Neutrogena face masks at Walmart for only $2.50, I knew that I had to at least try them.

I saw three at Walmart: Hydro Boost, Radiance Boost, and Deep Clean, but considering I was already blowing a bunch of money on makeup (as usual), I only purchased these two.


I tried the blue Hydro Boost mask first. It promises instant, deep hydration and says it will leave your skin soft and supple. I haven’t use a gel mask in a while (I tend towards paper masks), so I was really interested in how this mask was going to feel on my skin. After opening the package, I noticed that the mask is separated into two pieces: One for the top half of your face and one for that bottom half.

Since they’re gel masks, they were slipping and sliding all over the place and I damn near dropped one of them on my bathroom floor. They fit decently well over my face (except the little nose flaps that kept getting in the way), but it wasn’t really possible to wear this mask and continue walk around my apartment doing things without it sliding off.

I ended up just laying on my bed and playing on my phone for 30 minutes because I didn’t want the mask to fall off my face. It had a very nice cooling sensation, but it didn’t feel very hydrating to me. Once I took the mask off I expected some gel to be left on my face to rub in but there wasn’t really. I continued on with my day and ended up applying moisturizer about an hour later because my skin just didn’t feel hydrated at all. For a “hydrating” mask, I honestly didn’t see or feel any difference in my skin.


I used the pink brightening mask about a week later. I was super skeptical because of my lackluster experience with the first mask, and I honestly didn’t feel like trying the brightening one.

The mask was separated into two pieces just like the first. This one seemed to have a lot more gel product on it though, and when I put it on I could feel the cooling sensation much more quickly. I left it on longer than 30 minutes because it was actually very enjoyable. It felt so nice on my skin and I didn’t want to take it off. I noticed that my skin felt softer and looked much brighter and healthier.

I was so disappointed with the hydrating mask that I had no expectations for the brightening mask, but it was actually SO worth the money. $2.50 is absolutely nothing for how much I enjoyed the brightening mask. I can tell it actually made my skin look and feel better, and I think it would be a great treatment for when my skin is needing some extra care.


If you’re wanting to try some new face masks, I would definitely at least recommend the brightening one. Even if you don’t like it, it’s so inexpensive that it really isn’t much of a waste. I know that I’ll definitely be purchasing it again (not the Hydro Boost one though).

Has anyone tried these masks and liked them? What about the Neutrogena Deep Clean purifying hydrogel mask? Let me know in the comments below♡

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