Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

Hey beauties!

It’s a rainy Wednesday in north Texas today. It stormed all day yesterday and it’s supposed to storm most of today. I’m taking some time to relax with my dog, have a few cups of coffee, watch some youtube videos, and maybe do a bit of reading too. Rainy days are always the best when you don’t have much going on and you can lay around the house without feeling bad. As much as I appreciate a rainy day, I am ready for some sunshine so we can do some photo shoots.

A few weeks ago I decided to pick up the Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in Blossom Glow and Royal Calyx. Wet n Wild is hands down one of my favorite affordable drugstore brands. They’re affordable and cruelty free, and they’ve come a long way in the past few years. Five years ago I don’t think I owned a single product from them, and now I use their blushes and bronzers on a regular basis.

I’ve known about their highlighting powders for the longest time now, but refrained from buying them because I already own way too many highlighters for the average person. But I knew I really wanted to try the purple one in Royal Calyx, because I love having out of the ordinary makeup to use for concerts, photoshoots, Halloween, etc.


IMG-5030 (1)
Royal Calyx

They have seven total shades in this collection, including a gorgeous silver one that I still want to get my hands on. I purchased Blossom Glow because the light rose gold pearly finish looks absolutely perfect for spring and summer. I also really love the flower imprint on these that ties in to the whole flower theme of the collection.

IMG-5029 (1)
Blossom Glow


Only one other shade was offered at the drugstore I was at, and it was just a bit dark for my skin tone so I only purchased these two. Now, these retailed for $5.99 each, which is very affordable. However, while they swatch really nicely, I had a difficult time getting any color payoff from either of them. The surface of the highlight seemed to have almost a waxy finish, but product was still showing up on my highlight brush. Once applied to my face however, it just had a powdery look with hardly any sheen.

IMG-5025 (1)
Blossom Glow and Royal Calyx Swatches

I watched some reviews on them and decided to lightly scrape off the top product from the highlight. I then reapplied and omg. No wonder it has such rave reviews. It actually produced a beautiful blinding highlight instead of a barely there powder. I scraped off the top of Royal Calyx and received the same result.

My recommendation if you purchase these powders is to scrape off the top layer if you aren’t getting any results. I was so disappointed when I first tried them because they really do look beautiful. It sucks that you lose a bit of product, but the payoff you get is well worth it. I just wonder how many people never used it because they weren’t seeing any results.

Have any of you tried these highlighting powders? Did you love them, or did they fall short? Let me know in the comments below♡

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