Review: L’Oreal Voluminous Liner

I’ve been wearing eyeliner for ten years now, and always stick to liquid eyeliner. I’ve tried felt tips in the past, and no matter how badly I wanted to like them, I just never quite saw the results from a felt tip that I do from a regular liquid eyeliner.

I’ve been searching for something new since I’m a little bored of my eyeliner collection, and decided to try the L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Liner Noir liquid eyeliner. 


I thought the packaging was cute, and for $10 I wasn’t worried about the price. I was super excited with how pointed the applicator tip was, and was thinking I could easily apply winged liner.

Boy, I was wrong.

Now, I don’t know if I just bought a faulty one or something, but it was already SO dried out when I attempted to use it. I applied concealer, powder, and eyeshadow to my lid and tried to create a wing with this. It didn’t go on full black at all, and I kept trying to go over it with no luck. I finished my right eye with it and decided it seriously lacked pigment and went back over it with a different liquid liner.

The middle line on my hand below was made using the same pressure I would apply my regular eyeliner. I tried it again with the top line at an angle and received a little more pigment. Lastly I just smushed down the entire side of the applicator to check if there was ANY pigment in it whatsoever.


The bottom swatch is super dark and pigmented, and exactly what I was trying to achieve with my eyeliner. But there was no actual way for me to apply it like this, because I was literally smushing the applicator to get any bit of product out.

I really hope I just received a bad batch or something, because I had high hopes for this liner. After reading more reviews, I saw that a lot of people’s had dried out before they even got to use it.

Doesn’t the applicator tip look like it would work so well?

I stored it upside down and tried it on several different occasions, but still had no luck in with the pigment. Unfortunately, I just had to toss it. I’m pretty bummed that this didn’t work for me, but now I know to just stick with regular liquid eyeliners. Have any of you tried this liner? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below♡

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