Review: Burt’s Bees BB Cream

Hey friends!

With summer weather right around the corner, I know I’ll be using foundation much less and reaching for BB cream more (or just SPF). As a wedding photographer, I need to look put together at shoots without completely sweating my face off too. Despite what many people think, shooting a wedding is a lot of work and involves a lot of physical activity. I had been using my go to Almay Smart Shade CC Cream, but my best friend gave me two of the Burt’s Bees BB creams to try out.


First of all, I absolutely love Burt’s Bees products. I’m overly obsessed with lip balm, and their cucumber mint lip balm is my ride or die. I love their facial cleansers and moisturizers, so I was excited to try out some of their makeup.

I received the BB cream in the shade Light and the shade Light/Medium. There’s also a Medium shade in the collection, but I’m not sure how dark it is. If you have a darker skin tone, I would try out a sample before purchasing the full sized product. This retails for $15 on their website, so luckily it is reasonably priced compared to other BB creams.



Left: Light Shade. Right: Light/Medium Shade.

These BB creams contain SPF 15, which is something I always look for in any type of face makeup. I’m outside (in Texas) ALL the time, so I really need some sort of sun protection at all times. The tube says this BB cream has 9 clinical benefits and “moisturizes, visibly firms skin, evens skin tone, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing a hint of tint”.

The first time I tried this out, I seriously hated it. I tried the shade in Light and it was WAY too pale for me. I noticed the BB cream also had this super weird smell that I did not like at all. Additionally, instead of being just too pale, the shade actually seemed like it had a grey tint to it. I wiped it all off and just applied foundation instead.

Here’s a before photo with no makeup on (except brows).

Before BB cream. Yes my hair is a mess.

The second time I tried it was a completely different experience. I used the shade in Light/Medium and it matched my skin tone perfectly. I smoothed it out with my fingers and it filled all my pores effortlessly, and created a beautiful glow with a good amount of coverage. It covered up an awful blemish I had (thanks to my period) and any redness that was present in my skin.

Here’s a photo after applying the BB cream. I didn’t use a primer and this is before powder, blush, and mascara. No editing has been done on my face photos.


There was no grey tint like in the lighter shade, and the scent was actually nicer than the scent from the Light shade. It had a fruity/herbal smell, and went away after a few minutes and didn’t bother me anymore. I read that the scent is probably due to the Noni Extract they use in it which comes from the Noni fruit. The Noni fruit has tons of benefits including reducing inflammation and bacterial infections. I really don’t know why the Light shade smelt weird but the Light/Medium shade smelt much better to me.

Here’s a final photo after applying some powder, blush, highlight, and mascara.


I think this BB cream is perfect for that “no makeup” makeup look.


Overall, I’m really pleased with this product and will definitely be using it all throughout the summer. It’s the perfect shade for me and I think it will continue to work really well as I get more tan throughout the summer. It will also be a great product to travel with since it’s so slim, and will help me look put together without looking too done up. It also feels so light on my skin, so it doesn’t feel like I have a lot of makeup on. My only complaint with this is that they should release some more shades for darker skin tones. I think if they expand the shade line that a lot of people would love this product.

Have any of you tried this BB cream? Did it work well for you, and what did you think of the smell? Let me know in the comments below♡

5 thoughts on “Review: Burt’s Bees BB Cream

  1. Thanks for sharing! I got this in the light shade and I really hated it, so it’s really interesting that the light/medium performs (and smells) way different than the light one! Now I’m reconsidering and I might have to try the light/medium 🙂

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    • I’m so glad I got both shades because the light shade was so awful! I thought maybe it was just me but it seems like a lot of people feel that way too. Hopefully if you try the light/medium it works out for you! 😊

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