Used & Abused: Affordable Makeup


Hey friends!

I’ve seen the used and abused makeup blog posts and videos floating around for years now, so I figured I would share some of my favorite used and abused products. I’m so used to taking photos of makeup in pristine packaging and doing my best to make it look as nice as possible. I think this makeup tag is fun because it opens your eyes to the products you love the most. If I have products that I have hit pan on then I know it’s an item I really enjoy and will almost definitely repurchase. All of these products are old news, but to me they’re worthwhile products that I will continue to purchase again and again.

The first product is something I never expected to enjoy as much as I do. I purchased this bronzer on a whim at Target where it retails for $3.99. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything out of it and, if I remember correctly, I think it sat at my makeup desk for several weeks before I even tried it out.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer: Ticket to Brazil

Now, I’ve been using it for months (maybe even a year now?) and I absolutely adore it. I think it’s a great product for how insanely inexpensive it is. It gives me a great glow without being shimmery (even though the bronzer looks shimmery in pan), and it’s so easy to build up too. This has been my daily bronzer for the longest time now, and the wear is pretty obvious. Wet n Wild has really cheap packaging and the lid is so close to breaking off, but there’s no doubt that I’m going to keep using it regardless.

The next product is my holy grail brow pomade: Colourpop’s Precision Brow Colour in Black N’ Brown. I go without makeup most days, but I never go without my brows. This brow pomade will forever live in my makeup bag.


I was pretty apprehensive when I first purchased this, since Colourpop’s colors always seem to be so inconsistent (with their lipsticks at least). I was pleasantly surprised that it matched my brows perfectly. I’ve been using this just about every single day for a year now, and I still have tons of product left in the pot. This retails for only $6.00, and is well worth the money. It comes in eight shades total, and they also offer matching eyebrow pencils.

Keeping with brows, this is my next [severely] used and abused product.


This elf Clear Brow Gel retails for only $2.00! Blows my mind every time. I know elf has a lot of hit or miss products, but I’ll be damned if I pay $22.00 for clear eyebrow gel. Sure, this picture is gross because the container is clear and it shows all the brow pomade that has accumulated in the gel, but it is what it is. This brow gel is a constant on my repurchase list, and always reminds me of a car ride with my husband. Months ago I told him to drop by the drugstore so I could pick up some brow gel, and he asked me what that was. I told him, “It’s to keep your eyebrows in place”, and proceeded to laugh my ass off for the next 10 minutes after he exclaimed, “Keep your eyebrows in place?! Where are they going??”.

Men seriously crack me up when it comes to makeup.

My next used and abused product is an old fave from Colourpop once again. This is the Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in the shade Lunch Money.


This is such a flattering highlight shade, and was my ride or die highlight when I was still in college. It’s a creme formula that applies best with your finger, and retails for only $8.00. I love Colourpop’s Super Shock Cheek formulas, and think this is always going to be a reliable option for me.

The last product is one of my go to primers, and yet I’m hoping to find a replacement for it soon. I’m trying to transition all of my makeup to cruelty free brands and I hate to say that Benefit doesn’t make the cut. The Benefit POREfessional primer has long been a favorite of mine ever since I tried a birthday sample from ULTA. I’ve been hooked on it since because of how it minimizes my pores, makes my skin smell great, and my face feel baby soft.


This poor tube has seen better days, and got so dirty from rolling around with loose bronzer powder. This has been a constant repurchase for me for the past few years, so if anyone has any suggestions for a similar cruelty free primer I would love to hear them!

What are your oldie but goodie makeup products? How many used and abused products have you hit pan on or completely wrecked the packaging? I want to hear in the comments below♡



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