June Ipsy Bag

Hey everyone!

So I know in my last blog post I said that I had paused my Ipsy subscription. Well that lasted about two weeks before I decided, nope! Don’t like that. Makeup is a huge part of my life and getting subscription boxes is honestly just too fun. It makes me happy, so I decided it will stay.

So June’s Ipsy bag was equally great and slightly disappointing for me. I’ll tell you why.


Let me just say I lovelovelove the bag itself. It’s so adorable and definitely my style. I also absolutely love the Pride month card celebrating diversity, love, acceptance, and tolerance. I think that’s something everyone needs right now.


The product I received that I’m annoyed about is the MAC Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage. I know I stated not too long ago in a blog post that I’m trying to use up all my non-cruelty free makeup and only buy from cruelty free brands from now on. MAC is not cruelty free, no matter what several people have tried to tell me. They sell their products to China which requires animal testing by law. To me, it doesn’t matter that the company itself doesn’t perform animal testing, because they are valuing profits over animal welfare when they sell to China.


Anywho, this really bothered me because I have gone through my Ipsy profile and only elected to receive from brands that I know are cruelty free. I know they sent it to me (maybe everyone?) because MAC has “led the way in championing LGBTQ+ rights for decades”. I’m all about that and I think it’s great that the brand has been supporting the LGBTQ+ community for so long, but I just don’t agree with their non-cruelty free policies.

I’m also going to be making another blog post soon about the non-cruelty free makeup I have in my collection right now. I’m attempting to pan it all so hopefully my the end of the year I will only have cruelty free brands in my collection. To me, throwing it away completely is much more of a waste than just using it up and then purchasing from a more ethical company.

Anyways, rant over, let’s talk about the other products I received 🙂


This is the Delectable by Cake Beauty Body Butter Cream in the scent Triple Citrus Blend. I really love this stuff! I adore getting tiny little lotions, because I can throw one in my purse, one in the bathroom, car, nightstand, etc. I really enjoy the scent of this (it almost smells like bubblegum to me), and it’s actually super moisturizing without being greasy. I’ve only had it a very short time and I’m honestly close to running out. I would definitely consider purchasing the full size. To make things better, this product is certified cruelty free and vegan.

The next product I received is the Beauty For Real I-Line 24-7 Eyeliner in Whiskey.


This brand is also cruelty free (woo!), and this pencil is retractable, which is a serious must for me. I hate sharpening eyeliners. The shade itself is a warm brown with a bit of a gold shimmer. It’s great for everyday looks or for something a bit more glam. I’ve been wearing it in the 100 F Texas weather and it’s been holding up magnificently.


This next product is a fun one as well. This is Hanalei’s lip treatment in the shade Mauve Pink. Hanalei is a cruelty free brand as well, and this product is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. It’s made from kukui oil, a hydrating and rejuvenating oil. It also contains agave and grape seed oils, and feels super comfortable on the lips.


Even though this is a tinted lip treatment, to me it didn’t really add any color to my lips. I think this shade is just too similar to my natural lip color, so if anything it just kind of made them look glossy. This was a bit disappointing, because I wear lip balm all the time, and was looking forward to something that was still hydrating but made me look a little more done-up.


The last product in my bag is the best. This is the Pacifica Mineral 5 Eyeshadow Palette in Tomboy Vibe.


I was seriously so stoked to get this little palette. Normally I’m not a huge fan of small eyeshadow palettes like this, but I really adore this one. The colors are beautiful for summertime, and I just love Pacifica as a brand as well.

Shades from left to right: Tomboy, 1970, Pretty Vacant, Schooled, Rebel

I’m seriously loving the shades Rebel and Tomboy. What I’ve been doing is using Rebel in my crease and building it up in my outer v, then coming in with Tomboy to put on my lid. It looks super beautiful without being too overwhelming. The pigmentation is lovely and the small size makes it great for traveling.


That’s my June Ipsy bag folks!

If you are also interested in purging your collection of non-cruelty free brands, but don’t know where to start, I would recommend visiting this site. Cruelty Free Kitty is constantly updating what makeup and beauty brands are cruelty free, what their policies are, and what their parent companies stand for. I think it’s a great resource because let’s face the facts: sometimes it can be really difficult to figure out what a brand truly stands for.

Feel free to leave me feedback in the comments below! I want to know what products you guys received and how you feel about them♡


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