“My Husband Explains The Purpose of Makeup” Tag

Hey guys!

This fun tag has been around for years now, and after stumbling on a few similar posts last night that made me laugh my ass off, I figured I would try it out with my husband Skyler. It always amuses me the random stuff he says about makeup, so this got a few hearty laughs from me.

His dialogue is in italics, my dialogue and thoughts are in regular print.



Primer: “A base.”

BB Cream: “Uhhh, I don’t know. Uh, I think it’s like… I don’t know. It’s like a cream you put on, you said it has spf or something. Is that right?” ( I’m actually pretty proud of that. )

CC Cream: “I don’t know. Same thing? It’s the next letter in the alphabet.”

Foundation: “The foundation. It’s like a powder, well I guess sometimes, you put it on your face. It’s like what you start with, and don’t you have to match the color of your skin?”

Concealer: “Hmmm, it conceals. You go over bumps and stuff with it.”

I died laughing.

Him: “Is that right?”

Me: “Yeah pretty much.”

Powder: “Just powder? I don’t know what the purpose of it would be.” (men are adorable)

Brow Pencil: “Pencil for your brows.”

Me: “C’mon babe.”

Him: “You fill your brows in with it. It’s pretty self-explanatory. I feel like my first answer was correct.”

Brow Gel: “To make them stay in place. I think it’s dumb cause I feel like your brows don’t move very much throughout the day.”

Me: “Mine do.”

Him: “Your brows have some problems. Unless you’re messing with them, I wake up in the morning and do one sweep of each brow and they stay in place.” (Again, I died laughing).


Eye Shadow: “It goes on your eyelids and it’s usually a bunch of different colors.”

Eyeliner: “It lines your eyes.”

Mascara: “To give you lengthy lashes.”

Color Corrector: “I don’t know, I guess for like blotchy skin.”

Contour: “The stuff that makes your face look skinny.”

Blush: “What I hate.”

Me: “You don’t like blush?? What?” (This was news to me)

Him: “Just looks like raggedy ann.”

Me: “I wear blush every day.”

Him: “Oh I guess you do it light. Some people do it too much.” (Idk who he’s been looking at)

Bronzer:Makes you bronzer.”

Highlighter: “That stuff that makes you look glowy.”

Setting Spray: “What you put on to set it all.”

Lip Liner: “You line your lips with it.”

Lipstick: “Makes your lips colorful.”

Even though some of his answers made me laugh pretty hard, I think he did a good job! Guess he’s been listening a little bit after all.♡

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