30 Things You May Not Know About Me

So I’ve been posting on my blog now for a couple of months, but I feel like you guys haven’t really gotten to know me as well as I’d like. My favorite blogs to read are the ones where I can really see the blogger’s personality and get an idea of who they are as a person.

I figured it would be cool to do a “30 Things About Me” to kind of put myself out there a little more!

Here it goes:

  1. I have a 3 1/2 year old Siberian Husky named Kahlúa. I adopted her when she was 3 months old and she’s my best friend.
  2. I cuss a lot and I don’t notice it until I’m in a situation where I have to actually stop myself from cussing.
  3. I have my B.S. in biology and I have no idea if I’ll ever actually use it.
  4. I got married on Friday, October 13th.
  5. People who burp and don’t say “excuse me” seriously gross me out.
  6. I hate when people say things like “I’m a creative.” It’s so cringeworthy.
  7. I have a lot of makeup and beauty shit, but I’m pretty minimalist in all other aspects of my life. I love empty space and organization.
  8. I’ve been a dog walker for over a year now, and it makes me so incredibly happy.
  9. I wish I lived in a carless city. I love biking but drivers make me nervous, so I usually walk or drive where I need to go.
  10. I’ve been a vegetarian for five years.
  11. I absolutely love True Crime shows.
  12. I quit my first big girl job because my anxiety was making me physically ill, and I often wonder if I made a mistake doing so.
  13. I started a wedding photography company with my husband and I love it so much.
  14. I want to move to California even though I’ve never been.
  15. I wish I could go back in time and do college differently.
  16. I cut all my hair off last year and never felt girlier.
  17. I drink a cup of coffee every morning. My favorite coffee flavors are hazelnut and toffee nut.
  18. I suck at taking selfies.
  19. I have two tattoos. A bear and a song lyric.
  20. I had a monroe piercing for five years but took it out a few months ago.
  21. I don’t want kids and neither does my husband. Dogs on the other hand….
  22. My favorite alcohol is vodka mixed with literally anything.
  23. I wind down with yoga every night before bed.
  24. I met Skyler at a party when we were 18. He was shitfaced and told his mom he was going to marry me one day. (maybe he’s psychic)
  25. My toenails are always painted.
  26. I hate being short and wish I was four inches taller.
  27. I’ve been to the Bahamas but don’t have my passport yet. 😦
  28. Beans are one of my favorite foods.
  29. I understand a lot of spanish but only speak a very little. I’d love to be fluent.
  30. I love being active and seriously need to renew my gym membership!


Thanks for reading guys!♡

4 thoughts on “30 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. So fun to learn more about you! I think you’d hate me because I always forget to say excuse me after I burp lol. I find it totally cringeworthy when people say shit like “I’m a creative” too. & I’m laughing about how your bf knew he was going to marry you. Haha. Oh! & my toenails are always painted too, don’t they just look so creepy when they’re not?! 😝

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha I’m getting SO much better about the burp thing! Everyone thinks I’m so weird about it so I’m thing to get over it lol. And yeah, being a photography I’m surrounded by people who say “I’m a creative” all the time and it KILLS ME. Also, Skyler was drunk af when that happened so I think he was on some next level shit 😂 but yes, I cannot live if my toenails aren’t painted, I feel so naked!

      Liked by 1 person

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