Journal Entry #1

Hey guys!

We finally have some direction with what we’re doing with our lives and I couldn’t be more excited.

Skyler and I managed to get a house and we’ll be moving in at the beginning of September. I am SO freaking stoked. The house itself is very small, but it does have two bedrooms so we’ll be able to use the second bedroom as a home office (which is desperately needed). The best part about the house is that the yard is huuuuuuge. I can’t wait to get some cute outside furniture, a fire pit, and start gardening! I sound like an old lady haha. I’ve been wanting to garden as a hobby for the longest time and I wasn’t able to do so living in apartments the past five years (with the exception of my succulents and a few other potted plants).

Another thing that sucked about living in small apartments was the issue of having friends over. I’ve thrown plenty of parties, but it really does suck when all your friends are crammed together and there’s not enough space for everyone to sit. At least with a huge yard now we’ll be able to have friends over without worrying about running out of space.

Lastly, the house is being completely renovated. They’re replacing basically everything, so it’s almost like moving into a brand new house. Skyler and I both really needed a change like this, as we’ve both been extremely depressed and stressed out. I’m also hoping to get another job again, because running our business has been a little slow lately and I honestly need some productivity to fill up my time.

In other news, I think we’re going to be taking the leap into veganism! As many of you know, I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 18. I’ve tried veganism before, but it was when I was in college and honestly I was a broke bitch and too stressed about classes to really commit. I’ve been trying to use cruelty free and vegan beauty products, and that sort of pushed me back in that direction diet-wise. Furthermore, my best friend is vegan so it’s really easy for me to have people to encourage and teach me.

Also, after trying a ton of different products (and spending too much money), I’ve finally found a vegan creamer that I actually love! It’s the CoffeeMate Natural Bliss Sweet Creme Coconut Milk creamer. I’ve tried almond milk (too watery for coffee), soy milk (clumps up and isn’t creamy), and even other coconut milk creamers (the So Delicious ones literally smell like dirt to me). I’m so happy I finally found one I love that I could just cry. I drink coffee every morning and it’s just a huge part of my morning routine. My previous creamer was the CoffeeMate Hazelnut creamer, so it’s no surprise that the vegan one I ended up loving was made by CoffeeMate too.

Lastly, our Colorado trip is coming up in a few weeks and so I have something else to look forward to as well! Every year, Skyler and I go to Colorado in August. The first year we went was when he proposed to me 🙂 This year we just so happen to be shooting a wedding there, and so I’m excited that it’s both a work trip and also a little vacation. Then, as soon as we get back we will be moving into our house!

I’m planning on doing a July Empties blog post soon, and will start doing journal entries often as well. I definitely feel rejuvenated and I can’t wait for this new beginning!


3 thoughts on “Journal Entry #1

  1. Love that photo of you! You are adorable & the background is just beautiful.

    Congratulations on the new house! That’s amazing that everything is going to be renovated & having a huge yard will be so handy!! You’re gonna have so much fun furniture shopping & decorating. 😄

    Also, I look up to you for being a vegetarian for so long & now making the leap into veganism. I’m dairy-free & could never find anything good with coffee so now I only like my coffee black and plain. I’ve been wondering about those creamers though! Maybe I’ll give it a try!

    Hope you have an awesome trip to Colorado! How nice that you’ll be working, too!

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    • Awww thank you so much Hunida! That was taken at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth, it’s such a beautiful place. You should definitely check it out if you’re ever in DFW!

      I can’t wait to go shopping to decorate! I already have soooo many ideas of what I want to do 😋😋

      And thank you 😍 I’m really excited because I’ve always eaten mostly vegan, but sometimes would just rely wayyyy too much on dairy and it makes me feel physically terrible (and of course the dairy industry sucks). I think it’s so awesome that you’re dairy free because I think that industry can be even worse than the meat industry. I think most people know that dairy makes them feel like shit, it’s just addicting. I’ve also heard a lot of people say they just drink their coffee black now. Hopefully I can get to that point eventually 😂 I wouldn’t say the coconut creamer is AS good as the regular creamer I was using, but it’s still good and doesn’t ruin my coffee.

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      • Aw I’d definitely love to visit those Botanical Gardens if I ever get the chance. 😊 I think it’s real amazing of you to become a complete vegan, the meat & dairy industry make me sick. I always try to buy organic & free-range, grass-fed & cage-free etc. you know? So I hope that makes up for me eating meat & eggs.

        I think if you keep trying black coffee, you’ll learn to love it & not be able to take it any other way. ☕


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