Journal Entry #2

This weekend was sooo needed. We finally sold our camper trailer Saturday that we’ve been trying to sell for the past month. We sold it to an older man who plans on taking it up into the mountains and then over and up the west coast. I’m really happy that it went to someone who will be using it for what it was intended for. We had so many people contacting us about buying it for a food truck, but that’s not at all what it was made for. With it sold, now I know for sure we will have the money for our security deposit and first month’s rent at our new place. Yay!

I’ve been trying to find a companion for my dog Kahlúa, because she’s formed her own pack with my in-laws two dogs and I’m worried she’s going to be sad and lonely when we move into our house. I found a beautiful border collie mix that a man on Craigslist is trying to find a home for, and a sent him a long and thoughtful email but he hasn’t gotten back with me yet ☹️ It’s really frustrating because I think a border collie mix would be a great sibling for Kahlúa, since she has so much energy and needs a LOT of playtime. I’m going to do some looking into the DFW shelters too. It sucks because I’ve looked online but I know they get more dogs every day, so they’re not all posted online. I just don’t want to actually go to the shelter in person yet because it will just break my heart seeing all the babies without homes. Every time I go I just want to adopt them all and I can’t.

Yesterday I got a phone call from an animal hospital about 20 minutes from our new place. I applied for a job there and they want me to come in for an interview this week. I’m really excited because I need more stuff to fill up my time during the weekdays, and since I’m already a dog walker I do have a bit of the experience they’re looking for. I know it won’t pay much but I think just having something to fill up my time will be nice. I hate laying around doing nothing all the time, and I think I could put more effort into our business if I had more going on in my life.

Yesterday Skyler’s parents went down to Austin to get a shuffleboard table, so we hung out all day at the house by ourselves. I made us some bomb vegetarian BLT’s (they were supposed to be vegan but I forgot that Morningstar Farm’s bacon is vegetarian 🙄). I used wheat bread, Just Mayo, Chao tomato cayenne cheese, Morningstar Farm’s bacon, lettuce, tomato, and lemon pepper. Oh my god it was sooo good and I’m going to make more today. After we ate Skyler played Fallout 4 and I just played games on my phone and watched him play. Later I made a strong coconut rum and coke and we went swimming and let the dogs run around. Kahlúa was actually being super sweet to us yesterday and I think it’s because everyone else was gone (she gets so preoccupied with other people and it hurts my feelings sometimes).

After swimming Skyler’s parents got back and we helped them move the Shuffleboard table in their game room area. We played around on it for a bit and then I came inside to make Gardein chicken strips and a spring mix salad for dinner. We ate and I caught up on YouTube videos and finally went to bed around midnight.

This week I have my interview and two shoots planned so I’m glad that things are starting to pick up. As the weather cools down more people start scheduling to get engagement photos done so I can’t wait to be as busy (hopefully busier) as we were last fall. I also finally signed up for Boxycharm and I’m hoping I won’t be disappointed with it. I probably don’t need more makeup but I want it 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys have a great Monday!❤️

3 thoughts on “Journal Entry #2

  1. Yay! That’s awesome that you sold your camper! I hope the Craiglist man e-mails you back about the dog! & best of luck at your interview!

    I loooove Chao’s tomato cayenne cheese – I have some in my fridge right now. 😄 That’s good to hear that your business is picking up a bit! ♡ & I’m so looking forward to see what you get in your Boxycharm [if you plan on sharing it with us]. 😄

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    • Thank you Hunida! I’m really excited that things seem to be looking up! I hope that guy emails me back too! I really want that dog 😭😭

      Yesss Chao cheese is soooo good! I’m glad I like it because some vegan cheese is just not at all good in my opinion. I am definitely planning on sharing my Boxycharm too! I’m always seeing everyone else’s and feeling so jealous haha, so I knew it was time to sub.

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