August 2018 Boxycharm: Unboxing & Review

Hey guys!

After months of going back and forth on Boxycharm, I finally decided to subscribe this past month! I received August’s Boxycharm about a week or so ago, so I’ve had a bit of time to try out almost everything that came in it.


This month we saw a few variations. While everyone received the Laura Lee Los Angeles palette, cuticle oil, Bang Beauty eyeliner, and face masks, there were seven different variations of lipsticks. Lastly, some people either received the Tarte Cosmetics Lifted Sweatproof mascara, the Becca Cosmetics primer, or a set of lashes from House of Lashes.


When I saw that I was receiving the lashes I was super bummed. I used to wear lashes all the time my freshman year of college, but just got out of it as time went on. The set I got are the Boudoir Mini lashes, which are supposed to be a more natural lash. I haven’t yet tried these (since I’ve had no reason to), but my anniversary is coming up so I’ll probably try to get a use out of them then. House of Lashes makes their lashes with either a synthetic blend or real human hair (eww no), but luckily this particular style is made from a synthetic blend. While I wasn’t initally crazy about these at first, I think I may actually like them as they have great reviews and are reusable to an extent.

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Vegan?: Yes

List Price: $12 USD


The next product in my Boxycharm was the Adesse New York Age Defying Nail Treatment. This is a cuticle oil that has a nice light almond scent. This stuff is actually very good and nourishes your nails and cuticles without leaving a greasy feeling. While I actually like this product, I really feel like this a just a filler product. Cuticle oil is just not something I even care about to be honest, so it’s not something I was super stoked on. Despite that, I do think it’s a good product.

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Vegan?: Yes

List Price: $18 USD


Next, I received three of the Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks. I had read some concerning things from people who have sensitive skin and said these irritated their undereyes, but that luckily wasn’t the case for me.

I actually tried one of these masks last night since I had been a bit hungover yesterday, and it felt really great on my undereyes. I left it on ten minutes longer than you need to, and while my eyes weren’t really puffy to begin with, the cooling sensation of the masks felt amazing on my skin. At one point, my eyes seemed to feel a little irritated, but that only lasted a few minutes before going away. The serum on these is really lovely and I’m actually super pleased with these.

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Vegan?: Yes

List Price: $13 USD (for three)


The next product I (and everyone else) received was the Bang Beauty Chocolate Eyeliner. I was initially excited for this because I love browns and I actually don’t have any brown eyeliner at the moment. But when I tried to use this I got literally no color payoff whatsoever. It was such a light color that it basically didn’t even show up on my skin. It also seems to be kind of dry, and it doesn’t help that the lid was unscrewed when I got it out of my box. I’m going to add some jojoba oil to this, mix it up, and try it again soon before I call it quits. I really want this to work somehow. I know other people are using it as a brow pomade but it’s definitely not dark enough for my brows. Overall, I hope I can get this formula to work, otherwise it’s a total bust.

Cruelty Free?: I have no idea, I can’t find anything on this company so I’m assuming they’re not cruelty free.

Vegan?: No idea.

List Price: $22 USD


More brown! The next product I received was the Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Stay Neutral. This was actually the exact lipstick I wanted and definitely made my box feel less shitty.


The swatch makes it seem a little lighter than it looks on my lips. For some reason lipsticks always show up way darker on me, so this comes out to a beautiful deep chocolately brown. It looks so good and I think it’ll be awesome for autumn and winter too. I should’ve taken a photo of it on my lips because damn, it looks awesome. The formula is super comfortable as well. It dries down to matte but isn’t insanely dry (lookin’ at you Colourpop), and it doesn’t transfer either. This lipstick definitely comes through.

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Vegan?: No (contains beeswax)

List Price: $24 USD


Lastly, everyone received the Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal Eyeshadow Palette. I’ll admit I wasn’t stoked on this at all. I seem to be opposite of a lot of people since I actually own a lot of bright shades and don’t want or need anymore. I would’ve been very happy with the more neutral Boss Babe palette, but I can definitely understand why they included a more fun palette.


The palette itself is thicker than I thought and has a really nice mirror too. The pans are huge and the colors have awesome pigmentation. I haven’t used these on the eyes so I can’t say how they wear at all, but they had good, buildable pigmentation when I swatched them. I kind of messed up the purple swatch but it is very pigmented.


Cruelty Free?: Yes

Vegan?: Yes

List Price: $19 USD

The Laura Lee Los Angeles website shared this concerning tidbit regarding the Party Animal palette:

(WARNING: Bottoms Up, Hungover, & Dranks contain a colorant that is not approved for the eye area in the US, Canada and Brazil.) 

Ummmm. What?

As someone with sensitive skin and eyes this is concerning to me. Pink and red eyeshadow tends to irritate my eyes even if it doesn’t contain carmine (which I try to stay away from as much as possible). I haven’t used these shadows yet and I just hope they don’t irritate my eyes when I do.

Even though it’s a nice palette I just feel very meh about it. I think most of my box was just stuff I don’t actually really want or need, with the exception of the lipstick that I really wanted. It all just sort of seemed like filler to me. I know a lot of people weren’t crazy about this month’s box, but I will continue subbing to Boxycharm to see if it improves.

Total Box Value: $108 USD

How did you guys feel about this month’s box? Did you love what you got or feel let down? Let me know in the comments below♡

3 thoughts on “August 2018 Boxycharm: Unboxing & Review

  1. Aww I’m sorry you weren’t so happy with your box this month. Funny thing is, I’ve actually been looking for something for my cuticles hahah but I totally see why you felt it was more of a filler thing!

    I can’t believe that brow liner was dry! More than likely because the cap wasn’t screwed on tightly & that’s crazy they are able to sell a palette that has ingredients not approved of in the US?! Crazy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha well I would definitely recommend it! It’s nice, just would have rather had something else you know?

      I know! I’m so disappointed because I was actually excited about getting a brown liner. I really hope I can bring it back to life. I read where a lot of people received their’s with an unscrewed lid.

      And right??? How in the hell is that even legal 😱

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah I totally get that! I’ve noticed a lot of beauty box subscribers aren’t happy when receiving nail products. 😛 Has anyone contacted Boxycharm about the liner? Maybe they will send you a new one or compensate somehow for the lid being unscrewed & ruining the product?!
        It shouldn’t be legal… that’s really weird!


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