Journal Entry #3

This past week has been crazy.

We leave for Colorado on Tuesday and we’ll be working the whole time we’re there. We have a wedding and at least two shoots scheduled (we have a third shoot that we might be doing too). Basically we have a photoshoot for each day that we’ll be there. We’re supposed to get back Saturday or Sunday and then move into our house. Did I mention we’re driving the whole way?

Yesterday I woke up about 8:30 am, had my coffee, and got to work on emails and paperwork. I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is responding to emails. I had to get some paperwork sorted for our realtor and that literally took me all morning. For some reason I felt so out of it yesterday, like I was in a fog or something. That usually only happens if I haven’t had my coffee, but I did have to buy a different brand of coffee (they were out of my Starbucks Caramel blend) so I’m wondering if that’s why? I’ve been disassociating a lot lately due to stress and that’s literally the worst feeling in the world.

It was about lunchtime when I finished my emails, so we made some delicious (but probably not healthy) vegan sloppy joes. Skyler’s mom had already made the “meat”, but basically you just take Gardein Beefless Ground Crumbles and cook them with the Manwich sloppy joe sauce. Then for the burger itself I use regular toasted small burger buns, Just Mayo, and Go Veggie Mexican Shreds, and serve it with a sliced sandwich pickle. It’s super fast and tastes sooo good. I know it’s not super healthy but damn, I like burgers too. I wasn’t expecting the Go Veggie shredded cheese to be good, because if you taste it cold it’s not good at all (in my opinion). But once it gets heated up, it melts super nicely and tastes like the best cheese ever.

After we ate lunch Skyler and I drove to an office supply store to get some free boxes. Luckily they had an enormous wall full of empty boxes so I think we have plenty for our move! We got back and I started packing as much stuff as I could. I absolutely loathe packing but I really can’t procrastinate since I need this to be done before we leave. I finally got tired and overwhelmed so I just moved all the boxes to the corner of the room so I would stop tripping over them all.

After that, I went outside to help Skyler with a table we’re making. This is going to sound weird, but we found an awesome stump and we’re basically sanding it down, staining it, and oiling it. It’s going to serve as a coffee table and should hopefully end up looking something like this:

Screenshot 2018-08-24 at 10.57.18 AM

I think these are sooooo cute, and it will probably only cost us about $20-$30 for supplies. Most of the time these tables retail for $200-$300. It’s a lot of work to get all the bark off and get it sanded down, but honestly it’s so worth it to take something most people wouldn’t think twice about and make it something beautiful.

We finally got tired of working on that and so we decided to play pool for a few games. We’re both getting pretty good, even though I still suck at determining where the 8 ball is going to go when I’m trying to shoot it in. After that we came inside to shower and watched a few episodes of Explained on Netflix. Basically they take an item or a concept and go into depth about how it originated and things like that. We watched the episodes on tattoos and marijuana, and they were both super interesting. After that I started watching Shane Dawson’s The Secret Life of Jeffree Star on youtube, and about halfway through Skyler got interested in it so I had to start it all over again for him lol. We finished the first video and got partially through the second when I decided it was already way too late and we needed to go to bed.

Hope you guys have a great weekend! 💛

3 thoughts on “Journal Entry #3

  1. I’ve heard Starbucks coffee is a lot stronger than most so maybe you switching that out maybe did effect you?!
    I’ve tried Go Veggie cheese slices but not their shredded cheese! You should try Lisanatti The Original Almond cheese!! It tastes so good even plain.
    I love love love the stump table idea! How cute is that?! It’s going to turn out perfectly! ♡
    Hope you have fun in Colorado even if it’ll mostly be work! & that you get everything moved into your house easily. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe it did! It’s totally possible because I definitely feel like I’m not getting enough caffeine. I got a horrible headache today because of it 😩
      Ooh I will definitely try the Lisanatti cheese if I can find it!
      Thank you!! I’m so excited for it and I hope it turns out well! It’s a lot of work but better than purchasing one I think.
      Thank you babe, I hope so too! It’s a tight schedule but I think we’ll definitely have a good time ☺️☺️

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s totally the coffee switch if you got a headache as well!
        Hope you can find that cheese. 🙂 If not, have you tried Chao cheese?
        I hope the tree stump turns out well, too! I’d love to see what it looks like in the end. 🙂
        ❤ ❤


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