Journal Entry #5

This week has been pretty chill and cozy.

I haven’t had many dog walks popping up because it’s been raining off and on all week. I’m actually loving this weather though, everything is so green and lush and it’s actually much colder outside than it usually is this time of year. 

On Wednesday, Skyler and I took Kahlúa (our husky) downtown for a walk. One thing that really sucks about living in this house is that there are no sidewalks, and we’re so used to just walking everywhere. We’re just too far from downtown now to walk, so we have to drive there now and that really bums me out. I actually love having a bigger space with a yard, I just think Skyler and I didn’t realize how important walkability is to us. Wherever we decide to move next, I’m going to make sure it’s actually close to everything.

Anyways, we took Kahlúa for a walk downtown and man there is always something to see. We watched two guys get arrested and of course we’re nosy so I really wanted to know what was going on. I think they were drunk and fighting or something, but we never got the full scoop.

After our walk, we came home and I made lunch (BLT’s I think?). Kahlúa immediately passed out and napped most of the afternoon. I had a few other paid dog walks, and when I got back me and Skyler had a few drinks. We tried the Smirnoff Sparkling Seltzer variety pack, and they were okay. I’m not even a fan of sparkling water really but it’s nice that they’re only 90 calories. Plus, so many malt beverages are just way too sweet, so I’d rather it taste more like nothing than just be insanely sweet.

Skyler played Grand Theft Auto the rest of the evening while I read my Game of Thrones book. I’m so close to being finished!

Yesterday, I woke up, made coffee, and spent most of the morning in the office going over budgets and doing other small things. Skyler didn’t wake up until 11. He’s seriously a night owl and we have such opposite schedules. When he got up we went to the grocery store to refill our five gallon water jug. We are not about that tap water life.

When we got back I made chicken burgers with Boca’s chicken patties, chao cheese, Just Mayo, pickles, lettuce, and campari tomatoes. Oh my goddddd they were so amazing, I wish I had taken a picture. I had an hour long walk after that with a sweet puppy I’ve walked before and her other dog friend who I hadn’t walked before. The owner was super sweet and tipped me $10, so I ended up getting $32 for an hour walk. Not bad at all and I got some much needed exercise and fresh air.

When I got back home Skyler and I worked outside in our yard for a bit. I swear we live in a damn jungle, but I love it. We still haven’t bought a lawn mower, so we’ve only mown our grass once since we’ve been here (I had borrowed a friend’s mower for that). It’s really not very high but it does need to be mown again, so I’m hoping we’ll go buy a mower here soon.

We’re planning on building a deck and a fire pit outside so we can enjoy the yard, and we spent a few hours pruning back the trees and bushes because it seriously looked wild out there. I was sooo satisfied with what we accomplished, and realized that one side of my yard would be perfect for portrait sessions. Just look at those vines.

After that, I made a salad with romaine, campari tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and lemon pepper with stuffed mushrooms and Tofurkey sausage for dinner. Sorry the photo is so ugly, I didn’t anticipate sharing it on my blog lol.


We watched She’s Out My League because we were bored and had never seen it before. Is it just me, or does it seem like romantic comedies just don’t really get released anymore? That’s honestly fine with me because those types of movies are usually super unrealistic. She’s Out of My League wasn’t that bad, but not something I would choose to watch again. But I am excited because Netflix is releasing The Haunting on Hill House today! I freaking LOVE haunted house stuff, so I’m stoked to start watching this tonight. Also, I’m ready for October 26th because the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is going to be released!

Tomorrow the 13th is mine and Skyler’s one year wedding anniversary! It’s crazy that we met five years ago this month, and even crazier that we’ve already been married one year now. It’s funny because when we got married everyone acted like it was some huge deal, but literally nothing felt different to us. We were already living together and we didn’t have an actual wedding, we just had a judge marry us and then went and got drunk with our best friend lol.

I had a ton of stuff planned for our anniversary, but we’re unfortunately waiting on a paycheck from a wedding we worked last weekend as contractors so I’m worried we won’t get paid in time. I really wanted to go to the Dallas Arboretum because they’re doing all their fall stuff right now and I’ve never gotten to go. Either way, we’re still going out to eat, having a few drinks, and hanging out together, which is all that really matters to me. We usually work weekends but I made sure we had absolutely nothing going on so we can celebrate. I’m super excited and am going to make sure that I take a lot of pictures!

4 thoughts on “Journal Entry #5

  1. That was so nice of the lady to tip you $10 for walking her dog! Yay! The stuffed mushrooms look really delish!! & we recently sort of watched “She’s Out Of Your League” too! I’m curious what this Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is?! I loved Sabrina growing up.

    Happy one year wedding anniversary & 5 years together!!! ♡ Hope you get paid on time & have the chance to go to the arboretum!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I think the mushrooms tasted even better than they looked 😋 I watched Sabrina growing up too! The trailer looks pretty cool so I’m hoping they don’t screw it up lol.

      And thank you so much! It’s actually pouring rain so unfortunately I think the arboretum is out of the question, but we’re still going to go mini golfing and then drinking ☺️🍻

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mmm, mm. I’d pop all of those little mushrooms in my mouth if I could!! Lol. I’ll have to see what this new Sabrina is all about. I saw they made a new Goosebumps series on Hulu, too!

        Aw! I’m sorry it ended up raining. Mini golfing & drinks sounds fun though!! Hope you two have a blast!! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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