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Journal Entry #6

Hey guys!

It’s currently Tuesday, so I’m going to post about what has happened since Saturday!

Saturday was mine and Skyler’s one year wedding anniversary (so weird that it’s already been a year!). Initially, I had planned for us to go to the Dallas Arboretum because they’re doing their whole fall thing and the entire place is filled with pumpkins and all the feel good fall stuff. Unfortunately, Texas has been insane lately and it’s been storming almost non-stop for days now. Because it was pouring Saturday, we had to cancel our trip to the arboretum and find something else to do. 

We got ready and left the house around 1:30 pm or so, and decided to try out this Mexican restaurant called Milpa that I had heard a lot about on instagram. It’s in a really weird location so it makes sense that even though I’ve lived here for three years, I’ve literally never seen it. I could tell that they were fixing the outside up to make it nice, but the inside still needed some work in my opinion. Despite that, the service was great and the food was amazing! They had a separate section on their menu for vegan food, which is super crazy (especially for a Mexican restaurant).

To start, we had chips and salsa and Skyler ordered a cranberry margarita on the rocks while I ordered a blue sweet and sour frozen margarita. Their margarita menu has over 100 types of drinks on it! It was awesome having so many choices.

I had taken a cute boomerang video of us cheersing with full glasses, but I had forgotten I can’t upload videos to my wordpress. So here’s a photo of our half-drank margaritas lol.


For our entrees, Skyler ordered the vegan tamales and I decided on the portobello fajitas. My entree came with sauteed onions, bell peppers, portobello mushrooms, zucchini, and squash. I also got some homemade tortillas (they weren’t as good as I was expecting them to be though), refried black beans, tomatillo suace, guacamole, and some vegan cheese.


The refried beans and guac were to die for, especially with their chips. All the veggies were cooked perfectly as well. My only complaint was that I really wasn’t a fan of their tortillas at all. They just weren’t what I considered homemade tortillas to be.

Skyler’s plate came with three tamales with what I assume was soyrizo or some type of soy beef, tomatillo sauce, refried black beans, and guacamole. I tried some of his tamales and I thought they were great, but the soy meat did have a bit of a different taste.


I devoured my fajitas but got full so quickly and had to take the rest to-go. I was going to order another margarita but drank the rest of Skyler’s since he was driving and already feeling a buzz.

We stopped by the house real quickly to put my leftovers in the fridge, then decided to go to Main Event to play some arcade games and mini golf. When we got there, we realized their mini golf was pathetic. It did not look remotely fun, and we were bummed because we did lunar mini golf on one of our first dates in Houston and the place we went to down there was amazing.

We decided to just play a bunch of arcade games instead, and played The Walking Dead shooter game as a team. It was so freaking fun and we spent so much time (and money) playing it. We both love zombie stuff so I thought it was cool that they had it. We also played skeeball, basketball hoops, a Halo shooter game, and a bunch of different racing games. We played a Nintendo Mario Kart game that I seriously want to just buy and keep at my house.


When we ran out of money on our card we decided to go ahead and leave. We stopped by the liquor store to pick up some rum and mixers, and also by the grocery store so we could get some snacks. I had a serious sweet tooth going on so I picked up the Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. These are sooo good.


When we left the grocery store we decided to go ahead and go to our favorite bar. We hadn’t been in a while (we used to go there all the time), and we were hoping to see the manager since Skyler is friends with him.

Unfortunately,he wasn’t there but the bartender knew us immediately. We sampled some ciders and I decided on a spicy blend and Skyler got the blood orange cider. I had decided too soon and liked Skyler’s better so we ended up switching.


We had a few drinks and hung out for a bit, and even though a band wasn’t scheduled that night it was busy and super cozy in there. I didn’t want to leave at all but the cider gave Skyler a headache so we decided to head home.

Overall, even though we didn’t get to go to the arboretum we both still had a ton of fun and were happy to spend time with each other. I’m going to plan for us to see the fall displays soon once all this rain passes through.

Sunday was a pretty chill day. I was going to sleep in but a walk popped up so I went to go do that. The owner’s garage door ended up being broken, so I couldn’t get in the house but at least I got paid the cancellation fee. I came home after that and just hung out with Skyler. I took another walk that evening with two of my favorite doggos, and since it was starting to get cold outside they had on the cutest little sweaters!


I read some more of my Game of Thrones book while Skyler worked out in the yard for the evening.

Monday morning I woke up freezing to death. I looked at our thermostat and it was less than sixty degrees inside. It was pouring rain and the weather app said it was like 45° F outside. It’s super odd for it to be this cold in Texas in October, but I’m honestly living for it. I’m ready for all these mosquitoes to die.

I turned the heat on and made it super cozy while I made my coffee. Skyler left to go do some photo work for a dealership so I had the house to myself all day. I filmed a youtube video and edited it for most of the day. Youtube is something I’ve been wanting to do for forever and finally decided I needed to just do it. I’m going to do a mix of lifestyle, healthy habits, budgeting, beauty, and vlogging. Basically just whatever I feel like talking about lol.

I haven’t posted my first video but may do so today if I get the time. I filmed a 10 Habits for a Better Life because I’ve been trying to focus on setting goals for myself and improving every day. I watch those types of advice videos a lot so I thought it would be nice to make one of my own. When Skyler got home I made him go to Target with me since I needed to buy some coffee creamer. I found this adorable little wall sign, and it was only $5 so I decided to get it. I think it looks so cute hung up on the wall.


When we got home I made some quick sandwiches for dinner and we just watched Brooklyn 99 until I decided to go to bed.

That’s it for my journal entry, thanks for following along!

5 thoughts on “Journal Entry #6

  1. The Mexican food looks fantastic! So sorry the weather has been acting up over there, hopefully it’ll clear up soon & you’ll be able to see the Fall display at the aboretum before it’s taken down!

    I love love love arcades! Sounds like you two had loads of fun! 😄 & I freakin’ love those Justin’s PB cups! Mmm!

    The pups & the new fall sign are adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was so yummy! And yes the weather has been so wild, I think it is supposed to warm up just a bit towards the end of this week though. I MUST go see the fall display at the arboretum! I missed it last year and was so disappointed about it.

      Arcades are seriously the best 😍 The Justin PB cups are dangerous lmao, I could gain a million pounds from them cause they’re so addicting.

      Thank you! Those doggos are total sweethearts.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s crazy. I heard it’s snowing a bit in Arizona, too! It’s cold here but… just normal cold! You won’t miss it this year, the weather will heat up so you can go just in time. ❤

        Yesss!! We did an arcade day for boyfriend's birthday last year. 😀 Such a fun time always!! & I so agree about the PB cups lol. You should totally make oven-s'mores out of them… you will die from the goodnessss!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • WOW, snowing in Arizona?? That’s wild. Aww yes I do hope so! ❤️❤️

        That’s awesome! There’s nothing better than an arcade day 😍 oh my god I’m going to do it, that sounds soooo good and I haven’t had s’mores in forever.

        Liked by 1 person

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