“My Husband Explains The Purpose of Makeup” Tag

Hey guys!

This fun tag has been around for years now, and after stumbling on a few similar posts last night that made me laugh my ass off, I figured I would try it out with my husband Skyler. It always amuses me the random stuff he says about makeup, so this got a few hearty laughs from me.

His dialogue is in italics, my dialogue and thoughts are in regular print.

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Project Pan: Oldies/Non-Cruelty Free

Hey everyone!

After too much time browsing r/panporn on Reddit, I decided I needed to start my own Project Pan. I know in my last few recent blog posts I’ve talked about transitioning to cruelty-free beauty products, but I still have quite a few non-cruelty free makeup products to go through. I won’t be throwing them away (that’s just a waste of money and product), so I’m going to be forcing myself to use most of them all up.

I’ll be talking about which products I’ve been panning, as well as what I’m considering for their replacements.Read More »

June Ipsy Bag

Hey everyone!

So I know in my last blog post I said that I had paused my Ipsy subscription. Well that lasted about two weeks before I decided, nope! Don’t like that. Makeup is a huge part of my life and getting subscription boxes is honestly just too fun. It makes me happy, so I decided it will stay.

So June’s Ipsy bag was equally great and slightly disappointing for me. I’ll tell you why.Read More »

May Ipsy Bag

I feel like this month is just flying by! It seems like every time I sit down to blog I have another Ipsy bag to talk about. I’ve been reading about a lot of disappointed Ipsy subscribers online, but I’m still quite happy with my bag. Most of the products I receive have always been consistent with my profile, and even though I usually get one item I’m not crazy about, the other products always make up for it. Read More »