September Ipsy Bag: Unboxing & Review

I really liked my September Ipsy bag! Most of the products I received gave me that mermaid vibe (so much purple), so it was a pretty fun bag. I also have another product I received that I forgot to put in my initial flatlay (oops).Read More »


August Ipsy Bag

Hey guys!

My August Ipsy bag came a week or so ago, and I was sooo thrilled with it! I was pretty bummed from my Boxycharm and this really ignited my excited for subscription boxes again. Read More »

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July Ipsy Bag

Hey friends!

I was getting soo frustrated the past few days. My Ipsy bag said it would arrive by the 12th and I didn’t get it until the 17th! (aka yesterday). I actually got it early last month, but this month the shipping confirmations just completely stopped. I actually thought they had lost it or something.

But late is better than never, and as always, I’m very happy with my bag and everything in it. The bag itself is definitely my favorite so far. It’s a beautiful blue holographic design, and would be a perfect pencil case for school or a case for eyeliners. A lot of people were saying that the bag has a weird smell to it, but I definitely didn’t notice anything like that. Read More »

June Ipsy Bag

Hey everyone!

So I know in my last blog post I said that I had paused my Ipsy subscription. Well that lasted about two weeks before I decided, nope! Don’t like that. Makeup is a huge part of my life and getting subscription boxes is honestly just too fun. It makes me happy, so I decided it will stay.

So June’s Ipsy bag was equally great and slightly disappointing for me. I’ll tell you why.Read More »

May Ipsy Bag

I feel like this month is just flying by! It seems like every time I sit down to blog I have another Ipsy bag to talk about. I’ve been reading about a lot of disappointed Ipsy subscribers online, but I’m still quite happy with my bag. Most of the products I receive have always been consistent with my profile, and even though I usually get one item I’m not crazy about, the other products always make up for it. Read More »

March Ipsy Bag

It’s March guys!!

One of my favorite months (besides October of course) by far. March has it all for me. The beginning of spring, wildflowers sprouting, warm weather, and the time change have me so excited for summer. One of the perks of living in North Texas is how fast the weather warms up. I’m sure I’ll be wishing for cold days once July rolls around, but for now I’m seriously enjoying these warm and sunny afternoons.

I didn’t think Ipsy would keep killing it, but they are consistently surprising me as each month seems to get better and better.Read More »