July Empties + Mini Declutter

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be posting my July Empties plus a little mini declutter I did about a week ago. I’m really excited to do this post since I’ve been holding onto these empties for the past month. Let’s get into it!Read More »

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July Ipsy Bag

Hey friends!

I was getting soo frustrated the past few days. My Ipsy bag said it would arrive by the 12th and I didn’t get it until the 17th! (aka yesterday). I actually got it early last month, but this month the shipping confirmations just completely stopped. I actually thought they had lost it or something.

But late is better than never, and as always, I’m very happy with my bag and everything in it. The bag itself is definitely my favorite so far. It’s a beautiful blue holographic design, and would be a perfect pencil case for school or a case for eyeliners. A lot of people were saying that the bag has a weird smell to it, but I definitely didn’t notice anything like that. Read More »

Project Pan: Oldies/Non-Cruelty Free

Hey everyone!

After too much time browsing r/panporn on Reddit, I decided I needed to start my own Project Pan. I know in my last few recent blog posts I’ve talked about transitioning to cruelty-free beauty products, but I still have quite a few non-cruelty free makeup products to go through. I won’t be throwing them away (that’s just a waste of money and product), so I’m going to be forcing myself to use most of them all up.

I’ll be talking about which products I’ve been panning, as well as what I’m considering for their replacements.Read More »